Co-Creative Art

The observer is anything but passive in quantum physics experiments. Observation appears to affect what is being measured by “collapsing the wave function." Gazing into my abstract paintings similarly involves collapsing the possibilities of a semi-formless chaos into an interpretation. The complex yet indistinct shapes, colours, and textures compel the imagination to complete the painting. This co-creative style of abstraction acknowledges and draws out the creator from within the observer.

Like the Rorschach inkblot test, my paintings can facilitate mild conscious visualization. The viewer supplies the content and meaning of what is discovered—that is why I refer to the paintings as dynamic playgrounds. This inbuilt subjectivity allows one painting to appear differently to a multitude of viewers, functioning as a kind of subconscious mirror.

Gazing and visualizing are one type of interaction people can have with my art. In quantum physics, objects can exist in more than one state when no one is looking at them; curiously, my paintings exist in multiple states especially when people are looking at them. A group of people reported seeing the following images in the painting below:

  1. a whale with a blue-green eye

  2. an elephant

  3. a lady dressed in pink holding a scepter

  4. a robot dog

  5. a lion’s nose

  6. a mountain landscape

  7. an elderly man with long hair

  8. a skull

  9. a fish blowing bubbles, waves

  10. a pair of children